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an update on the breaking news we've been following all day. a major water main break. >> roosevelt leftwich and joce sterman are live on the scene. >> reporter: the din are rushings the rush local and they are starting to get a look at this water main break on charles street. >> it has been moving through the neighborhood for many years. water gushing, millions and millions of gals rushing -- gallons rushing at 20th and charles. a 60 earn main. wart was rolling down charles street like a river. a lot of people were saying that because they had never seen anything like that. four blocks have been bothers by this. right here, the water did stop at charles theater. there was some thought it may go on to the amtrak train. that didn't happen as the raw sewage was able to come. the bus routes have been affected. pedestrian routes have been affected. were us right now is the department of public works. whether's the latest. where do we stand? >> we're working closely with bge to make sure we can address concerns that they have to protect the gas lines. you won't see real activity other than shutti
>> we take you live now to portland, maine. we have democrat cynthia dill, independent transport an independent charlie summers. this was originally scheduled for last tuesday night but was canceled due to hurricane sandy. this will come as courtesy of local coverage on c-span2. moderating tonight's debate is shana mosque. >> good evening and welcome. for the next hours, you will hear from the candidates that want to represent maine. they are independent danny dalton, senator cynthia dill, independent transport and finally steve woods it is also an independent. this debate is a partnership between aarp and the university of southern maine. i want to give you a quick word about the format tonight. a diverse mix of several different sources, including our editorial board as well as viewers. we want this debate to be truly interactive. we want to hear from you. paul is standing by moderating our facebook and twitter. >> we have good questions. this is a good chance to ask the candidates anything you want. you can go onto our website and take part in our discussion and we will ask th
. >> good morning, in addition to the rain and the fog, dealing with a water main break, mount vernon, it happened yesterday and impacting traffic. traffic is getting by, madison street. make a left to gillford and take that downtown, you will want to expect delays as we look here, in mount vernon, notice repairs are going to be underway, this is 30 inches it's going pact traffic for a while. it's not a problem that's going to go right away. we are dealing with another water main break from yesterday, that's impacting traffic on north charles street, between north avenue and 21st street, calvert, 83, best routes to avoid the water main break delays. traveling on 695, traffic picking up in parkville, as you travel the outer loop, 95 up to 83, 12 minute ride, inner loop, nice and clear, down to 95, here is what the beltway looks like on the west side, liberty road, 13 minute ride on the outer loop, 795, down to 95, watchout for an accident in owings mills on owings mills at doll field road. everything up to speed, traveling through the fort mc henry, 8 minutes from the beltway to the to
main break. here we are fresh off sandy and a raging river right down charles street. >> tonight we've got live team coverage with joce sterman and rosie leftwich. how bad is it out there? >> reporter: nine hours after this first started, water is still flowing on charles street. you see the bpw crews are in a holding pattern. >> reporter: take a look behind me. the water is coming down. let me show you a picture of what happened earlier. it started at 7:30 at 20th and charles. a 60-inch main was built in the 1920s and put in the ground. water was rolling down like the susquehanna. water up there in inches -- water should be measured in feet in some of the basements in the buildings. bus routes have been affected. transportation has been affected. city officials say it will be a long time before they get this cleaned up. one of the things they have to worry about the gas and utilities. >> we may consider, if you will, a rerouting of natural gas if we have to, to ensure that the line that is in the affected area is not compromised. >> we ask people to be patient. this is a cross road
close officials are to be preparing to water main breaks and how it impacts the surrounding areas. rob roblin is live in mount vernon. >> it was a 30-inch main that broke here. you can see behind me the water has been turned off and crews are getting ready is to get down to the pipe itself that is broken. meanwhile, in this community there are 20 buildings in the 800 block of north calvert without water. >> i went in to make coffee and to wash my hands and i saw there was no water pressure. i had no idea there was a water main break. this is pretty crazy. >> lots of folks around madison had to go without water this morning after a 30-inch main broke, flooding the area. >> baltimore is going to be under water if they keep this up. they need to deal with it. >> last week's break on charles street was a 60-inch water distribution maine. this one is half the size, but it is still expected to calls lots of problems. >> this is a major break. could affect several facilities. when we had the 60-inch, that was a distribution main, so very little of the businesses were impacted, but this is a 3
this morning due to water main breaks. here is one on pulaski highway at the haten memorial bridge. westbound lanes are closed. you may want to avoid it altogether and take 95 as an alternate. watch for closures along york road and cold spring due to water main breaks from yesterday. wilkens avenue closed for ongoing road work. we are doing pretty well with drive times at the moment. 10 minutes to travel south of 95 from the beltway to 32. to and from cecil county, so far so good. take this as your alternate to westbound rte. 40. you can see here at the haten memorial bridge, all westbound lanes remain closed. that is the very latest on traffic pulse 11. >> our big story this morning as he travels through northeast baltimore, two water main breaks has two roads impassible this morning. >> they are hoping the one on cold spring will be fixed in the next couple of days but this one on new york road could be trickier. we have been watching a bulldozer go deep into a hole pulling out concrete and dirt -- the first one broke on cold spring lane early during the morning rush. just about 1 mile and
-wise. >> good morning. wet leaves could be an issue for your morning commute. we have water main closures and that includes madison and the j.f.x. ramp to guilford avenue. continued closures on charles street because of the water main break. you may need some extra time because the roads are wet. nine minutes on 895 down to the tunnel. moving well at this early hour. here's a quick, live look at traffic. you can see the water droplets on the camera. here's a quick, live look at traffic. no delays at greenspring. the entire beltway running smoothly despite the rain. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> a baltimore city police officer is suspended. >> allegations he assaulted an 18-year-old woman. kim dacey has more? >> officer elliott simon has been suspended without pay. police are not saying when the alleged contact took place. anthony batts described 39-year- old simon as a 813-year veteran. they received a complaint against simon alleging he had assaulted a female. commissioners bats would not take any questions about the case. police are not releasing any details about the inves
. this is one of those average of the mill nor'easters. let's go to that water main break. >> unfortunately, the cold temperatures will make matters worse. it's 60 inches right between north avenue and 20th street. many nor by will be flooded, so avoid this area if at all possible. you'll want to stick with 83 or calvert as your alternate route. no delays on the jfx. harford tunnel will be clear. watch out for delays in the towson area. it will take you 17 extra minutes from the inner loop down to 9345. we have a crash in anne arundel county. it will be at the off ram. that's a look at your time saver traffic. >> let's take a look at that. you're looking at a live picture of the scene. there's a pop. there now we're worried about the temperatures dropping when the sun went night, night, right? >> let's let over to roosevelt leftwich and joce sterman. >> reporter: we began to hear the jack hammering. the bge crews have been working on the gas lines. that's a real cause for concern. >> the water in this particular intersection -- you have water mains, smaller ones, the gas lines, electric lin
the house came from. the bridge of his peers were used to join the main road. the houses were someplace else for monday night. there are those who were moved there. >> it is phenomenal. this is what the town looked like before monday. now it is gone. and tune has been pushed into the homes and streets. all along is destruction. house is piled onto one another and others burned to the ground. in seaside heights, both amusement peers are gone. this is what it used to look like and now. right below us. my family was lucky. the house has been in the family for more than 50 years and appears to be ok. the damage is minor, but house is standing and in the same spot where it is supposed to be, which is what our greatest concern was. that might have gotten moved because it's on an older foundation. >> further south, atlantic city remains closed off but flooding was the problem here. cape maine may have had high water, but this clearly missed sandy's best pitch. >> like everyone else who has a home in that area, in my family, we are anxious to get in there and assess the damage. but there was very li
polls suggest the main opposition ldp could gain the most seats, but no party is expected to win a majority. that would mean leaders would have to negotiate to form a coalition government. prime minister noda will be going head to head with the leader of the main opposition liberal democrats. shinzo abe once held noda's job. he and his party are eager to get back into power. >> translator: we'll regain economic strength. a strong economy will serve as the basis of a reliable social security system. we'll also reestablish diplomatic relations. we'll make relations with the united states more reliable. the japan/u.s. alliance has been weakened under the democratic party government. >> abe says the liberal democratic party is well prepared for the election. he says it has reviewed its principles and streamlined its policies. there were mixed reactions from people around japan. >> translator: we are suffering so much in fukushima since last year's disaster. i don't understand why politicians cannot work together. >> translator: fukushima is slowly but steadily is moving forward in it
colleagues will have to fight to hold on to power. recent polls suggest the main opposition ldp could gain the most seats, but no party is expected to win a majority. that would mean leaders would have to negotiate to form a coalition government. prime minister noda will be going head to head with the leader of the main opposition liberal democrats. shinzo abe once held noda's job. he and his party are eager to get back into power. >> translator: we'll regain economic strength. a strong economy will serve as the basis of a reliable social security system. we'll also reestablish diplomatic relations. we'll make relations with the united states more reliable. the japan/u.s. alliance has been weakened under the democratic party government. >> abe says the liberal democratic party is well prepared for the election. he says it has reviewed its principles and streamlined its policies. there were mixed reactions from people around japan. >> translator: we are suffering so much in fukushima since last year's disaster. i don't understand why politicians cannot work together. >> translator: fukushim
on the roads. in addition, we are still dealing with the water main break from yesterday. you will want to avoid mount vernon. many roads are going to be shutdown including madison street, closed from fallsway to calvert, gillford avenue, closed from madison to monument, if you are using the jfx, that's your best route. be aware that the off ramp to gillford is now closed. as we check in and look at 83, north of 695, traffic is moving along, no delays in to the city, and if you are using 95, downtown, here is what it looks like 395, no problems to report. no delays through the fort mc henry, harbor going to be in great shape. you are looking now at the abc time save traffic drive times, 695, no problems to report, 95 up to 83. that takes you 11 minutes. normal conditions, on the west side, 11 minute ride as well on the outer loop, 795, down to 95. >>> here are the stories we are working on for you for good morning maryland, coming up at 5:00. >> retired state trooper jumps in to action when a man pulse pulls a gun at a store. >>> a arizona woman is furious about president obama being r
general with questionable emails, we will tell you who is involved. >>> water main break brings traffic to a halt. a crew on the scene and lone has new information on -- loren has new information on ways to get around the mess. >>> good morning, i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us. yesterday was gorgeous, if you looked out the window today, not the same. it's going to be a slap the face. >> it's colder, also rainy out there this morning as well. as you head out the door, take the coats don't forget the rain gear. look on mailed's most power -- maryland's most powerful radar. shippensburg, chambersburg, alongics 76, dealing with that. this is sliding towards the north and east, biglerville, mount holly. east berlin in on the action. this is the trend through the rest of today. we can see what is going on, the rest of this morning rather. we can see along i-70, coming down with the the rain showers. through temperatures, we have a chilly rain out there. 40 degrees, west friendship, in to the afternoon, we will be around 50 degrees. now a check of the time
a new water main break, how this could impact your morning commute. >>> 13 years, how long a baltimore city police officer has been working to keep you safe. this morning he is off the streets. we will tell you why. >>> drama in dc. first petraeus' affairs another commander maybe involved in a sex scandal. details coming up on this tuesday, november 13th. good morning, i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us. let's skip to the weather, rainy start. how long is that going to stick around? over to lynette charles. >>> we will be dealing with the rain through the morning hours. towards the afternoon, we will taper off a bit. the cold air will be funneling in behind the cold front. we have the rain this morning. we can see the heaviest rain around hagerstown, see the yellows across the area, we have a big shield of rain across the area. stepping out and about, take it easy, not only the rain but fog in spots this morning just like yesterday. it's a cold rain, catonsville 44 degrees, 43 frederick. glenn l41 degrees. rain tapers off by lunchtime. we will get sunsh
of north calvert street. less than a week after a 60-inch water main broke on charles and 20th street, this morning of 40-inch in the 200 block of madison street began gushing water or around 8:30 this morning. >> i went in to make coffee and there was no water pressure. i had no idea there was a water main break. >> cars parked in a parking lot near the break had to be towed out before they became flooded. water rushed down madison street beneath the jones falls expressway. crews scramble to get to the valves to get the water turned off. it was quite a mess. >> baltimore is going to be underneath the water. they need to get to the problem and deal with it. >> it seems like these water main breaks will continue until the city is able to replace its aging bikes. -- its aging pipes. >> i wish to could do something about fixing the age-old infrastructure. we have talked about that many times. baltimore city has a very old infrastructure and this is just an indication that age is finally catching up. >> meanwhile, once again you can see progress is being made fast today for this 30-inch m
and to talk about youth civil rights in the city of baltimore. the main issue is the money being allocated to build a new jail for youth charged as adults. >>> what does it mean for baltimore and the planned casino. and executives will answer that question. and more this afternoon. the group meets at monaco. >>> and discussing kidnappings. baltimore new commissioner and the county's chief james johnson will talk about the joint investigation. two men have been arrested as a result. >>> baltimore county is holding a health fair this is for children this evening. it is happening at lock raven. so the fair features mental health services and resources for families. a panel will discuss bullying and take questions on the topic. >>> jermaine jackson asked the courts to let him change his name. he wants to be jermaine jackson but he wants it spelled jacksun on the end. the older brother wants to switch for artistic reasons. a hearing is set for february. he is looking on the sunny side of life. >> like that. >>> speaking of the sunny side let's go to lynette. if you're nasty. >> i cannot get mys
. water main breaks are the issue this morning to watch for us to travel. one closure on cold spring and stadium way. watch for those this morning. major roads checking out ok. 11 minutes on the outer loop, 5 minutes to go south 95 it from the 895 split to fort mchenry. utility work on pulaski highway around the area of 222. 95 north of 195, so far so good north and southbound here. utility work blocking some utility -- some islands on pulaski highway. westbound closures. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> and other busy day for baltimore public workers. two busy streets still shut down this morning. >> they are definitely going to impact the commute. when did this all happen? >> this all started early yesterday morning. the two water main breaks really not all that far apart. they happen six or seven hours a part. this one here on the york road. the bulldozer is on, but no digging is going on. the first one started in the 1800 block of east coldspring lane. officials say both breaks are unrelated. right now, they are saying this has nothing to do with hurricanes and the. the
for those in worse conditions than i am. >> he is due in court next month. a 60-inch water main break. >> the busy roadway started to flood this morning and public works crews have been to work harder to on it all day trying to stop the flow of water so they can make repairs. robb is in a town with a status report. >> here is the latest. the people who are asked to leave when this happened are back in their homes. city officials say some people in the area could see some dirty water or some low pressure but they do not expect people to actually lose water because of the main, because of the break. here is the situation. you have this 60-inch water main and under that you have a gas line. >> it is bad. i think it is real bad. they are going to shut our water off. no water at all. >> it was quite a sight to see this morning. >> it is a mess. you have to go around to catch the bus. >> water began gushing out of the ground at around 8:00 a.m.. a 60 inch water main had ruptured, sending thousands and thousands of gallons of water down the street. this parking lot was full of water. it look
.com -- charities on our website, >> the water main has not been fixed but the water has been shut off and after three days of being closed, some popular businesses are back open tonight, just in time for friday night. we were at the side of the break earlier today. it is at the intersection of charles and 21st street. part of charles street is back open? >> just a small part. you're going to have a hard time getting around because this is the intersection of 21st and charles. there is a huge hole in the ground where this water main burst, the 60 inch water main. behind me right now, they are actually pumping water out from underneath the street so they can better access that transmission line which earlier today was finally shut off here, which enabled some businesses in this area to reopen. bte also secured a gas line, which helped in that effort as well. unfortunately, we can i get an exact time as to when this project will be complete -- cannot get an exact time as to when this project will be complete. it was an impressive sight after a 60 inch water main broke on wednesday, sendi
people survived the fire. >> crews are working to affix a water main break. the 60 inch main that failed yesterday, flooding local streets. rob remains on the scene and he has an update. >> now you have two pomps pumping water. when you shut down a major thoroughfare, you're going to have traffic problems at rush hour. last night, traffic around this area was backed out or tied up as people tried to make their way around the water main break. this morning, water was still flowing from the 60-inch water main. you can see in areas where the street asphalt has been pushed up by the water. >> water pressure has the ability to lift the asphalt. so is puffed up and a weak spot is formed and that is where it breaks. >> we are working. >> what are you doing? >> we are picking a lot. >> you go inside? >> we do not go inside. they are going in. >> pge was able to secure the gas line and with the help of police and a locksmith, shut off gas to 46 buildings in the area. >> they are continuing to do that. there is a couple of cats they have to cap off and then they will be done. >> no repairs or stre
of it is experimental. most folks who look at this thing the main drivers of deficit and debt is excessive health care spending. he doesn't deny your health care that you need. the obamacare plan is to try on a bunch of things and see what works the best. let's learn as we go. so it strikes me as very shortsighted. even if you don't like it from the get-go, i was not onboard in 1996, we gave it a shot. in some ways, it worked better than i thought it would. but it was good to try it and see what works and what doesn't. even if you are an opponent. this issue is so serious. >> when you say most folks airport,. >> and never got above 50% popular approval and it has only gone down since then. it is the same as an experimental deficit reduction and we will see how it works out. sounds to me like we have to pass within citibank consumer finance. the affordable care act is a monstrosity. nothing that one can be that good. it is in the nature of all documents and i will say it for randy and others, the longer things go on, the worse it gets, you know, we have to go over that. but obviously, entitlement have
. we have the latest. >> mount vernon is a mess, because of another water main break. we are live telling you how to get around, linda so is live on the scene this morning. >>> we heard of diet soda, what about a soft drink helping you lose weight. pepsi is releasing a fat blocking soda with fiber. you can't buy it here. we will give you the details on that. thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning, i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. let's get to the weather, there is a big change when you walk outside this morning, here is lynette. >> you are right. we have the rain, also it's cooler, than what it was yesterday. we look at the rain, we will start with maryland's most powerful radar. light rain around baltimore and acosthe eastern shore, seeing that in cecil county, talbot county. the rain towards the west, seeing that around hagerstown, mount airy, if your travels are taking you to the north in pennsylvania, seeing heavier rain and south around virginia. be careful as you step out and about. not only the rain but we have patchy fog and winds are gusting up to 25,
will be unearthing the main to see a what caused the problem and replace it. >> we really have to focus on this because it's essential. >> especially when you live right in between this morning's rupture and last week's break like joyce singer. it's time to start focusing on the problem, she said. >> can't keep living in the middle of two water main breaks, right? >> that's right. if it means more taxes, i'm not one of those against taxes. that's' what this pays for. >> reporter: you say get it done. >> get it done. >> reporter: the plan, in five years, would replace aging water mains at a 40-mile clip rather than had the snails pace we're at now. >> we're so far below where we should be. we're below five miles a year. the next year 20, 25, 30, 35, 40. when we get up to 40 we'll be replacing them from year on out. >> baltimore city said this particular part of this main candidate back as far as the 1800's. supporting live in mt. vernon. >> guilford and calvert streets, those are our major arteries. >> to get around, here's time saver traffic reporter. >> reporter: the water main break c
're watching the station that works for you, now, good morning maryland. >> a huge water main break could impact your morning commute. we have a live report for youthis morning. >> the count down is on for the 2012 election you can still vote early but not for long. find out when the program ends. >> and we donald the worst of sandy. rain and strong winds they were here but nothing compared to what they saw in new jersey. we will show you how close we came to a direct hit on this friday november 2nd. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. we have a little bit of a break but it was kelly and gray. >> feels like a typical fall day. and lynette this is a good thing right? >> well depends on who you ask. if you ask my facebook friends, they are not liking it at all. so today, it's going to be better. we will look at maryland's most powerful radar. things are drying out. yesterday we had drizzle around and showers and in a lot of spots. today driver and we will get a few more peeks of sunshine. i will show you what i am talking about once you look at satellite and radar. ste
was not hurt. 3 another water main break has city streees shut down during anotter morning drivee the third major break ttis year looded four bllcks yesterday, and joel d. smith much longer those roads will be affected. it's going to taae ays guys... lookall of the aal of the 3 yesserday are now back in te water. at leasttthe watee has been you needed a boat to navigate thii street. water rushing everyyhere. a 60- foot, cast iron water main burss at 8 -m, and it didn't take long to flood tte streett in a 4 block radius. public works says the most important thiig at this point is to protect a gas line near the waaer main... so thhy'ree worring closely with b-g-e to monntorrthe situatioo. that means several roads in ttis area will emain closed for asking folks to be patient &ppajor water main brraks in th city already this year.. nzinga amon: "this is outrageous. i've stopped breaks we've had sinceethe n - psmmer."patrickkmartin:"nowwwe have the ssndbar that makes it look like flooida,,but weirder." weirder." the pipes underneath charles treet are 90 years old, no
, it is 5:00 let's go to the desk. >>> they are dealing with two water-main breaks. we have alex savage there right now, what is going on right now, alex? >> reporter: people in pittsburgh will be waking up without running water and we will show you why, right here. this is that broken water-main and you can see crews are working on it to try and get access and obviously do the repair work necessary to get the water back on. this is the crews in the city of pittsburgh and they are working between york and cutter. this water-main break is running and at this point, both of the streets in this area are dry. we will show what you this looked like when we first got here as crews were pulling water out of the street. the call was about 8:00 this morning and it sent water rushing down the street. we talked with a man who lives a couple of blocks away and he said at the height of this break he had water flowing down his street. >> it was so high that it was causing belts to slip and squeal. it was so bad. >> reporter: and a worker out here says the water will remain shut off while they contin
cook. >> reporter: off to art but we of sleep on sunday. problems on the roads. a water main break shut down the westbound lanes of route 40 and this is northeast baltimore. there's another water mayne break on york road right near cold spring lane. the one northbound lane is actually getting by at this time the southbound travels being detoured. so, you want to avoid york road if possible this morning. stick with charles street or 83 as an alternate. as we check in and look at some of the main lines 695 moving right along here at dulaney valley road. no problems to report from parkville up to 8 3. and this is with the west side at liberty road. looking at a normal 9ment ride on the outer -- 9 minute ride on the outer loop. and an accident cleared from 95 at fort mchenry tunnel toll plaza but no delays. looking at typical 8 minute ride northbound from 695 to the toll plaza. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic now over to you. >>> news time is 6:32. an update to a story we brought you out of atlanta. atlanta journal constitution is reporting police have given the all clear to th
to repair a water main break in the mount vernon section that broke during this morning's rush hour. we are live near the break with an update on the traffic, but first heading up to captain roy taylor. where is this break? >> this is right between east madison. it is a little shopping center. he will speak -- he will speak waters fell rushing down from this location. -- you will see water still rushing down from this location. reporting live from sky team 11, captain roy taylor. blin liveing to rob rob wh on the ground. >> the streets around here have been closed down. if you can, avoid the area altogether. water is still coming from this water main that has broken here yen it is not coming in as fast. earlier a lot more was coming out because they turned off a number of valves. that is the process that officials have to do, turn off the valves, stop the water here in there. that is the reason why less water is coming out. that should take some time. after that, they will be able to go down below and hopefully find the break and fix it. it is a 30 inch main, and it is a big break. >> t
with. we're dealing with a water main break in the neighborhood of baltimore. and north charles street is shut down from penn station to 21st street if you are in the area stick with maryland avenue. st. paul. calvert and 83. as we look at 83 this morning north of the bellway. you will notice traffic is moving along. no delays. normal conditions. 11 minutes from the beltway all the way to east fayette street. 695. no concerns whatsoever. here is a look at 83. the conditions here will be clear. back to the beltway as we check in and look at the drive times. 11 minutes now on the outer loop up to 83. west side clear. if you are using 95 and white marsh no delays from the beltway all the way into the city. >>> sentencing for the man who killed a towson student. he took a plea deal in september. the 22-year-old matt chesswick was crossing the street when he was hit. the driver was charged with manslaughter. he will be sentenced today. >>> the army private accused of leaking government documents to wiki leaks will plead guilty for a lesser charge. it was offered during a hearing. even if th
is just past 32. another in the white marsh area. one lane is closed. north avenue with the water main repair. jennifer franciotti is on the scene. 11 minutes in the outer loop northeast side. 10 minutes travel time on southbound 95 down towards 32. here's a quick, live look at traffic. approaching the harbor tunnel at o'donnell street, so far so good. the area bridges checking out fine at this hour. this is the beltway as you make your approach to the key bridge. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> a very busy. baltimore city is still a big mess this morning after rainwater main erupted. >> shutting down businesses. dpw had not turned off the water to protect a gas line. the broken main. theain broke yesterday on charles street, forcing businesses to close for the day. they checked for safety hazards. >> you have valves that are located throughout this area and throughout the metropolitan area. they get turned a number of times to turn off the water. >> roads within a four-block radius have been shut down. the water has not been shut off and repairs have not started yet. no tim
and lanvale because of a water main break. jennifer franciotti will have a live report. no problems on 95 towards the fort mchenry. here's a quick, live look at traffic. buy and continues to build on 795 prior to the beltway -- volume continues to build. traffic is snarled approaching 32. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> after hurricane sandy destroyed parts of the northeast coast, a winter storm is now drenching those same communities with rain and snow. >> rain, snow, and wind is drenching homes. entire communicaties range by hurricane sandy. >> it is overwhelming. >> very sad to see us getting pounded again. >> new fears of flooding. people are seeking shelter once again. >> shelter is available for free at the high school. >> hundreds of thousands just getting their lights back on are back in the dark. >> it is insult to injury, but that is mother nature. >> this weather is miserable. >> cold, very cold. the sleep at night with blankets and socks and everything else on -- you sleep at night with blankets and socks. it is horrible. >> the storm is forcing airlines to cancel m
and vermont and maine, but we're dry now. we'll stay that way throughout the day. we will deal with still the windy conditions and the cold conditions n annapolis and 41 in east ton and glen wood. we have a wind chill out of the northwest at 5 to 15. today this morning and it will make it feel chillier than that. in some spots the 20s. as we go throughout the day we're starting off with clouds but they will decrease as we go through time. 50 is the high. it will be windy and sun but that will not warm that temperature that up much. let's get a check now. >> we are still dealing with the massive water main break. and it is shut down from north avenue up to penn station if you are traveling in the area you will want to -- want to use calvert street or 83. this is a live look. that water is still flooding the area so. avoid the neighborhood if at all possible. there is a detour but you will want to expect delays if you want to venture out this way. no word on when it will be fixed. >> it will take time. downtown at 395. traffic is moving along but we are dealing with the crash northbound at
the ruptured water main in midtown. crews still have a long way to go. the water main broke on wednesday, flooding streets and shutting down traffic in the area. live in midtown with the latest. >> ucb roadblocks sign up behind me. those will be a fixture in this area for quite some time very north avenue is back open in both directions. businesses are happy to hear about that. the destruction in this area will continue through the weekend and well into next week. -- the disruption in this area will continue through the weekend and well into next week. drivers continue to cruise through the avenue, a small sign of progress in what will be a long journey. crews are analyzing the water main ruptured wednesday morning. flooding the area and shutting down roads in one of the biggest parts of the city. this is his surveillance video showing just seconds after the water started gushing down charles street. he was finally able to reopen friday after having to close down for two days. >> i still have no where near the business i normally get. for me, customers, safety comes first. >> while crews
the hatem bridge. >> a water main break forced a closure. >> reporter: the water main break along route 40 was reported thursday evening. about 2:30 in the morning they had to shut down the road. an estimated 27,000 cars cross over the hatem bridge each day. >> i would come down 222 to route 40 and realized we couldn't get across the bridge. >> reporter: the westbound lanes over the susquehanna refer were closed after -- river were closed after a water mane broke. >> shut the main down. havre de grace mayor wayne dougherty said a 53-degree shiest in temperature -- shiest shift in temperatures along with hurricane sandy caused a breach in the ground. >> there's a hole in one of the old lines. where they found the break was in the bottom. evidently over the years it has been working and working and working and spinally got to -- finally got to this point. >> reporter: traffic was diverted to both interstate 95 and route one. >> an inconvenience having to come 95 to havre de grace and get off way up on the hill and come into town. >> reporter: locals say the detour only cost them about 10 min
. >>> workers cleaning up a big mess in the peninsula and search for the source of two water main breaks. >> it's who dealing with an advisory. >> and the effort to keep the bay area's most at risk population warm in these chilly temperatures. >> and a bomb shell revelation. the scandal causing the head of the cia to resign. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome to mornings on two. it's saturday november 10th. >> a cold start to the day. let's check in with rosemary and get a quick look at your saturday. >> reporter: good morning. most of us in the 40s but i will direct you to the north bay. the valley locations. that's where we find the advisory. take a look at how widespread it is. down the valley and into the bay. here at home it'll last through eight this morning so we have another hour to go. widespread. we will look around at your current conditions coming up. >> happening right now two water mains busted open in a peninsula neighborhood, water went down the street causing an early morning messw. are live
delays. >>> crews in redwood city have cleaned up two water main breaks today, one 8" at brewster and warren street. firefighters pumped out water and the main was capped. couple of hours later a second one broke a few blocks away. pittsburg had a water main break. the water was pumped out, the pipe was replaced. no homes were flood. the water is now back on. >>> a priest at a san jose catholic school has resigned after defending a registered sex offenders presence on their campus. mark gurries was volunteering at saint francis cabrini last month when he was recognized and security was alerted. he produced a letter from the san jose diocese saying he was allowed to be there and that claim was defended by the parish priest. but the letter wasn't written or signed by the proper church officials. the bishop in charge of the diocese has apologized and tells the parishioners it won't happen again. >>> well, the man behind elmo has resigned after allegations of sexual assault. sesame workshop says kevin clash is leaving because the controversy is a distraction. this week a second victim
>>> another day another water main break to slow down your ride. we have a crew on the scene. the elections in the book and now we have to deal with the fiscal cliff. how it affects your bottom line. good morning, maryland. >>> thank you for joining us. before we get to the news, we want to get to the weather and see what we're in store for and what is going on in new york. >> what is going on like in new york, they are dealing with the snow and the nor east ser sliding to the north and new england. they will get and finally they will be in clear weather like we are for today. we did not get the brunt of the storm. we're looking at radar. not a lot to pick up on. heading to the south polk county and other than that, we're looking good this morning. only dealing with the cold temperatures but we're getting used to. that we have been dealing with that for several days now. 41 degrees in columbia. and gusts up to 35. a check now of the time saver traffic with lauren cook. >> bring on the sunshine. we could use it. yesterday was cold. we're dealing with a water main break. use ca
investigation. a very busy area of baltimore city is still a big mess tonight. a water main doctor this morning, flooding streets and thisting -- main borkroke morning, flooding streets and shutting down areas. correct this happened about 15 air -- 15 hours ago. the area was flooded. and looks better -- it looks better but crews are working to turn the water off. bge is looking to secure a gas line. some may lose their gas service before this whole process is completed. big traffic jams. moving around a big problem in one of the busiest areas of baltimore city. the evening rush hour traffic surrounded the broken water main at charles and 20th was as bad as predicted and thursday morning is not expected to be better. >> he will not be able to get through this intersection for quite awhile. >> 7:30, water started up shrink -- dusting out of the water main. homes and businesses were evacuated. >> did was we had to evacuate. -- they told us it was bad so we had o evacuate. >> you have vales located throughout this area here in the metropolitan area. they get turned a great number of times to shut o
water main break makes things difficult for commuters. >> would you know what to take with you if you evacuated your home energ webegin with what's going on outside. it feels like it's going to snow. >> you saw some flakes already. what's the storm going to do to us? >> i think we're going to continue to see some impact. maybe some snow action towards the northeastern corner. scattered wintery showers will continue across at least the central part of maryland. the eastern shore. any accumulations we predict for the northeast corner. back through maybe northern kent. there's a little snow mixing in, most melting on contact because the good news is this most of all of the ground temperatures and air temperatures are just at and above freezing. we can get close to freezing by daybreak, so there could be some highs for the morning commute. more straight ahead. >>> the barclay break. >> the waiter main break sent sit water on city have streets. jeff hager joins us from the area that was hit the hardest. jeff, what do you have for us? >> the simple answers is that there have been no repairs
expect traffic delays on cold spring lane. we have a 12-inch water main break and it happened around 6:30 on the bridge just east of the stadium way. the lane is open between helen and hartford but it's closed between stadium way and overland. the water service may be affected because of this break. that is not the only water main break. >> a bigger one is creating problems on york road. brian is there with more on the mess. always seams to be a water main break on york road. >> reporter: yeah it happened at about one today. you can seat work going on behind me. about 40 businesses and residents are without water at this hour. the city said this was a 16- inch main that broke this afternoon and they are trying to figure out why. we know weather and change of temperature can cause these things but the city isn't ready to say that just yet. the aging infrastructure and still no word on how this is. either way it served as quite a site for people parked along york road. >> it looked like a monster came out of the ground. something like that. >> did you hear anything previous? >> i thi
of the south bay. the system working slowly toward california. a lot of moisture ahead of it. the main cold front on the back side is going to take time to get here. so you get the idea looks like a damp day outside. temperatures running mild in many spots. 59 degrees right now in san francisco. 57 in santa rosa. and 55 degrees in san jose. we are looking at 60s toward the afternoon. but it could be getting a little wet. we'll be talking more about that in a moment. back to you >> thank you. >>> 5:09. today city supervisors in san francisco all expected to vote on an ordinance that would ban nudity in most public places here. it would apply to anyone over 5. but there would be exemptions for participants of street fairs and parades that do have nudity permits. supervisor scott weiner authored the ordinance. >> the public nudity is not always appropriate. and particularly in our neighborhoods and commercial districts where we all have to live, work and live our lives together public nudity can at times go too far. >> the proposal also has the support of the mayor, ed lee. he says it strikes
. >>> continuing our coverage of the water main break on charles street, a chunk of the street is shut down. north avenue, westbound, re- opened, people living in the area have water in they homes knocks estimate on when the main will be fully repaired. crews will be working and the clock in the coming days to fix it. >> i mean, our plan is to get this done as quickly as possible and knowing full well this is a major throughway for the loaders. we will be whacking around the clock, 24/7. >> the crews work tong main are coordinating with bge to make sure the lines are stable and secure. >>> they will work on the water main, obviously this weekend. bad weather could set back the progress. >> we will see sunny skies like today. let's check this with meteorologist, mike masco, with a look at your first forecast. >>> we are going to bring on 60s close to 70 as we round out the end of the weekend. 46 baltimore city. easton 46. we are coming off the daytime highs range between the 50ss chose to 60, out towards the west, you will see temperatures falling from the 40s in to the 30s for tonight , the shot d
situation. you have a 60 inch water main break and below it, there is a gas line. water began gushing out of the ground around 8:00 this morning. >> i think it is bad. we do not have water at all. >> it is a mess. >> a 60 inch water main had ruptured, sending thousands and thousands of gallons of water down the street. this parking lot was full of water. >> there are cars that are half under water. bge was brought in because there is also a gas main under the broken water main. >> we have also cut off natural gas to every customer. we're working in partnership with the city to make sure they gas main underneath the break is actually not impacted. we may have to reroute some services. that is more of a precautionary thing right now. >> the pike in question was installed in the 1920's. it is one of many pipes that have ruptured in recent years in the city. >> another indication of ould infrastructure the mayor has talked about. as we work toward the setting up programs to mitigate this in the future. >> the water flow from the broken main had slowed but as one firefighter told us, that is a
>>> streets turned into rivers a water main break floods homes. why crews work overnight and why they will be back up. >>> and over the next six weeks you will hear about something that can affect your checkbook. >>> sandy and mother nature throws in a new twist. we'll tell you about that today. good morning, maryland. >> thank you for joining us. a dreary day t breaks your heart. >> we missed the storm and the force of that storm but it is cold out there. >>> we dodged another bullet. >> we had rain showers through the overnight. and as of now things are dying out. we see a few showers. starting out with clouds and we'll have clearing and with this we're cold with the temperatures below average at 37 degrees. bowie at 39. more in rockville. here is the planner. we'll stay cold and by lunchtime the temperature at 49 degrees. we'll see more sunshine in the forecast. let's check the time saver traffic with lauren cook. >> we're dealing with a massive water main break. and charles street from penn station to 20th street. many other roads that intersect will be closed. some of them w
. and in north baltimore we are dealing with a 16 inch water main break on york road near coldspring lane. traffic is reduced to one lane in both directions. so stick with charles street or 83 as your alternate routes. jfx nice and clear heading into the city and here's what 95 looks like downtown at 395. no problems at fort mchenry tunnel harbor tunnel in greatshape and 695 in parkville at harford road moving along. no delays towards towson. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. >>> a lot more coming up on good morning maryland at 5. >> including the snack you eat before heading off to bed could be affecting the amount of sleep you get. the food doctors recommend thatwill help you sleep better at night. >> plus, you consider your job to be the best. which ones landed in the top five and why. >>> checking stories that we are working on for you this morning making headlines around the nation he's sold year who survived fort hood shooting massacre and is honoring the other victims. chief warrant officer christopher royal is running 70 miles from the gates at fort hood to the
two days. how commuters are fairing after water mains shut down roads. >>> a middle school student brings a weapon to school. >>> tending -- sending though those affected by hurricane sandy. >>> first, an update to the breaking news we first brought you at 5:00. a runner is raped on her morning run. cheryl conner has more from fells point. >> reporter: as we go into the weekend, the police said a rapist is on the run. a victim was jogging between 5 and 7 a.m. in fells point when a man pulled her into a dark area and raped her. he was armed with a knife. a friend of the woman called police a short team later. >> all we know is the suspect was an adult male, possibly wearing a mask and armed with a knife. i don't have a race or height. the reason, the victim is going through a very tough time. >> reporter: anthony guglielmi said they're working with the victim. they hope to relee on surveillance cameras. there are number in the area and all we know about the suspect at this point, an adult male, possibly wearing a mask and armed with a knife. we'll bring you the very latest at 11 and
-span. next, charles summers debate cythina dill for a seat in the state of maine. followed by bernie sanders facing off against john mcgovern and other candidates for a seat in vermont. >> for the last four years, the status quo in washington has fought us every step of the way. they have spent millions to stop us from reforming the health care system and reforming wall street. they engineered a strategy of gridlock in congress. refusing to compromise on ideas that democrats and republicans used in the past. but they are counting on now is that you'll be so worn down and discouraged and so tired of all this function, you will just give up and walk away and leave the powers that be in power. >> my conviction that better days are ahead is based on proven results. and on unshakable faith in the american spirit. anyone who fears that the american dream is fading away? if there is anyone who wonders whether better jobs and paychecks are a thing of the past, i have a clear and unequivocal message. with the right leadership, america is about to come running back. >> tuesday night, watch live covera
neighborhood. here here on lasaine and price street and police say that it appears a water main broke somewhere up the hill so the water has been gushing down flooding the streets. some cars have water going past their tires. we have some video a little bit earlier. let's bring that up. residents have been waking up. they tell me because of the sound of o hospitallers. they're -- helicopters. there are police out here, firefighters out here. and when residents walk outside and see this, a lot of them concerned. quite a few have been evacuated from their homes and last we heard, they were going to a nearby park. we have yet to speak with any of those people and are still trying to get updates from police and firefighters, but a a big mess clean up here. when we first arrived it looked like there was gushing water and at this point everything seems to be still. maybe they're getting things under control up the hill but we will get the latest information and get back to you shortly. >>> in that video we just saw, dramatic, the flooding is going to the top of the cars tires. some people will not be
. these shafts feed the water mains of each neighborhood, which branch into smaller pipes below the streets... feeding into buildings and houses, into the plumbing, and finally, after its long journey, to our faucets. providing water to homes and industry is a monumental task, requiring immense infrastructure. but once the water is delivered and used, it must also be taken away. man: it's important that the waste generated by any society not be left around. cholera, and other diseases and problems, have been spread, because people wound up living in filth. even the ancients understood that you couldn't have the sewage where you lived. and the easiest thing to do was transport it to another spot -- by water, or a river. most of the first sewer systems were on the east coast of the united states, often in places that already had developed a citywide water supply system. sullivan: in 1630, boston was basically three mountains, there were very steep hills. waste would run down quickly and dump into the harbor. and the tide would carry most of it away. well, this worked well for a while. the pro
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